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About Us

MARKET.TBS by MARKET.TLV at FABRIKA TBILISI is a special gathering, that came from Tel Aviv and will take place third time in Tbilisi this May.

Talented makers and fashion designers, bag and accessories designers, will meet in one place together with their followers from Instagram and Facebook on this event.

We say, designers and makers, cause we present not only fashion on our Market.

Illustrators, painters, and photographers usually take part as well. They also show us a modern culture with their eyes, representing society as much, as fashion does.

And last, but not least: we bring good music, tasty coffee, and nice people.

The concept of the Market.TBS is giving an opportunity for young designers and creators, with a quality, visually attractive or unusual product, that sells mostly on the Internet, to go offline and show their product to customers in a real life, to touch and try on.

If you are a designer of clothes/ jewelry/bags/ accessories/ illustrator/ florist/ baker and want to take part - just fill in the application here and join us!

But if you are not a designer and you have nothing to sell then just come to have fun, buy designer things and to catch our good vibe!


Previews markets in TBILISI

Previews markets in TBILISI