Dear designers!

We invite you to participate in our new project MARKET.TLV in TBILISI, wherever you may live.

This spring, on May 5-6, the new market will take place out of Tel-Aviv, out of Israel – at FABRIKA TBILISI in Georgia!

We have picked the dates in which the weather in Tbilisi will be warm, there will be a lot of tourists and also TBILISI FASHION WEEK will take place during these days. The designers who will participate in MARKET.TLV in TBILISI will be given an opportunity not only to enter a new market but to be noticed by buyers from all over the world who are coming to Tbilisi for fashion week, recognizing Georgia as another city of fashion.

The location we chosen is not accidental – it looks like Beit Romano in Tel-Aviv, where Tel-Aviv markets took place, but FABRIKA TBILISI is much more than just court, it is a hot spot of Tbilisi. FABRIKA is multifunctional urban space, where cafes, bars, shops and show-rooms are located, but above all is the Hostel Fabrika which brought together all around. FABRIKA TBILISI is situated in stylish neighborhood in the city center

At the end of the day FABRIKA turns to hangouts spot in the city, there you can face tourists and citizens. When we hear “Hostel” generally we imagine just shared rooms and shower.

Now just look what FABRIKA it is

Why should you participate in «MARKET.TLV in TBILISI"?