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WhoKnows Studio is about amazing friendship and unique harmony between two jewelry designers - Victoria Eglinskaite and Lin Friedman.

The fusion of two artists’ approaches to design creates a modern-contemporary style for sophisticated women.

All designs are handmade in their studio with every small detail being the highest priority.

If you missed Market.TLV and did not find them at Dizengoff Center Boutique on Thursdays and Fridays, then this whole week you can come to Jaffa to the pop-up shop "Open Space" (Nachman Street 6) to try and buy their gorgeous minimalistic silver and gold plated jewelry.

“Whoknows” is a new creature. Lin and Viktorija started to collaborate at the beginning of 2018 (they were running their own brands “Sheina” and “BBDF” separately for a few years before that). Their makes reflect the combination of the two characters: Lin’s energetic trendy urge of Tel Aviv native and Viktorija’s Northern European strive for purity and timeless classics.

They create their decorations clear and concise, visually complete. From the craftsmanship point of view, their makes are real jewelry, not bijouterie. They would rather solder the makes as one piece than put extra rings to tie pieces of earrings to each other, or to attach the lock to the chain. Each element has its purpose and meaning. This is really a designer's jewelry work, which creates unique minimalism driven solely by their high-quality standards of craftsmanship.

Come to the “Open Space” this week from 10 am to 7 pm.

Name the code MARKET.TLV and get a 5% discount on any make of the brand WHOKNOWS.

Also follow them on insatgarm

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